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A quiet revolution has begun to emerge in the Middle East, one that might ultimately do more to change the face of the region:


Christopher M. Schroeder, a seasoned U.S. internet executive and venture investor travelled to Dubai, Cairo, Amman, Beirut, Istanbul and Damascus and met thousands of talented, successful, and intrepid young entrepreneurs willing to take on political, cultural, legal and societal challenges.

Equally important, Schroeder saw major regional and international private equity firms, venture capitalists and global tech players like Google, Intel, Cisco, Yahoo, LinkedIn and PayPal making significant investments, despite the uncertainty in the region. He marries his own observations with the predictions of these giants to offer a surprising and timely look at the second stealth revolution in the Middle East -- one that promises to reinvent it as a center of innovation and economic opportunity.

Available in paperback on November 5th with new afterward by the author: One Year Later.

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  • Startup Rising offers a remarkable narrative most of us don’t consider when thinking about the Middle East. But it makes sense, and these courageous entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders are clearly on the right side of history."

    ~ Marc Andreessen

    There's no better guide to the Middle East's own Silicon Valley than Christopher M. Schroeder. Highly recommended."

    ~ Reid Hoffman Co-founder/chairman of LinkedIn

    By the end of the book you’ll be rooting for these young business leaders and gutsy innovators to build the Arab 21st century."

    ~ David Ignatius Columnist, The Washington Post

  • This book is essential for anyone looking to understand--or invest in--the new Middle East."

    ~ Karen Kornbluh Former US Ambassador to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

    [Schroeder] paints a remarkable picture of the entrepreneurial shift going on in Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and other regions…illuminating."

    ~ Publishers Weekly

    Through vivid introductions to young entrepreneurs in the region and a compelling analysis of macro technology and economic trends, Startup Rising brilliantly demonstrates that peace and prosperity is attainable for the region."

    ~ Julius Genachowski Chairman of United States Federal Communications Commission, 2009-2013

Did you know?

The biggest tech IPO in the first quarter of 2013 was the mobile company of Iraq (valued at over $5 billion)?

Mobile penetration in most Arab countries is 100%, and smart phone penetration is expected to break 50% in Egypt within three years?

Meet Christopher

آراء الجمهور

Christopher M. Schroeder is a Washington D.C. and New York City based entrepreneur and venture investor. He co-founded, one of the nation's largest social and content platforms in health and wellness, backed by Sequoia Capital…

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